Nearly 200 People Aged 100 Still Drive on UK Motorways

Elderly DriverDriving takes a lot of focus, but there are a lot of things that drivers have to pay attention to. This is why a lot of UK drivers get upset when they see elderly people out driving around. Despite this fact, over 190 people aged 100 and over still drive in the UK. On top of that, it is legal for these people to drive. So the questions that everyone is asking are, “Should these UK citizens be allowed to drive? Are the motorways safe when they are driving?”

A report from the RAC Foundation shows that the oldest person in the UK right now that drives is a 107-year-old woman. The oldest man in the UK allowed to drive is not far behind in age: 106. This same report also reveals that the number of elderly drivers in the UK has been increasing over the years. There are more than 4 million drivers over the age of 70 that still drive. This is the highest this number has ever been. Of course, some experts believe that this is simply because people are living longer than ever before. Driving a car at the age of 70 used to be unthinkable. Now, the UK sees people driving cars when they are over 100.

So, how are these people still allowed to drive? According to research by Rica, aging motorists have to decide for themselves when they can no longer drive. At the age of 70, UK drivers have to fill out a paper and decide if they want to keep driving. They have to do this every three years. They do not have to take any kind of test, but just say if they want to keep driving or not.

In the United States, it works much the same way. However, one out of every 10 elderly drivers in the United States and Australia typically stop driving too soon. Although they are making the choice for themselves, they simply choose to take themselves off the road.

Professor Stephen Glaister, who is a member of the RAC Foundation, says that all drivers have to consider their fitness. However, this is a topic that has to be truly addressed as people age. No one is going to physically take these drivers off the road. They need to do it themselves if they feel they can no longer drive safely.

Professor Glaister added that older drivers have pretty good safety records. That being said, it is still pretty clear that they face a very important choice of when to take themselves off the road. The problem is that most people simply do not have any kind of realistic view of their capabilities. For people who rely on their cars, giving up driving is the last thing they want to do. Getting old does not mean that people should give up driving right away, but they do need to get help to make sure they make the right choice.



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