Nearly 50 People Killed in Kenya After Gunmen Set Two Hotels on Fire

KenyaTourists who were visiting Kenya this past weekend may have found their holidays ruined. Tons of holidaymakers are now trying to make their way back home after 48 people were killed in Kenya on June 15. The killing started after Somali gunmen arrived in the small coastal town of Mpektoni on two minibuses. This is a very popular tourist area for people who want to visit Kenya.

At the time of this reporting, no terrorist groups had claimed responsibility for the attack. However, authorities in Kenya are already suspecting that this was the work of al-Shabaab, a terrorist group that is linked to al-Qaeda and based out of Somalia.

The group of gunmen was believed to be around 30 strong, according to eyewitnesses. Police reports show that the men were seen throwing explosives into the police station. Once the police cleared out, the men ran inside to steal weapons and ammo.

Attacking the police station was not the only goal these men had in mind. They also set two hotels on fire. As people started to run into the streets, they sprayed bullets at them. This happened at around 8 p.m. local time, when people were trying to watch the FIFA World Cup on TV.

Eyewitnesses say that they saw bodies lying on the streets. There were also a number of vehicles that were burned and destroyed. Due to how quick the attack was, the men met very little resistance from Kenyan security. David Kimaiyp, the top commander in Kenya, said that the death toll of 48 was confirmed the following day. He said that a police chief is among those who were killed during the assault.

Tourists and residents of Mpeketoni were seen fleeing into the nearby forest for cover. The police in this town said that there were no arrests made in connection with the assault. All of the attackers managed to get away.

A spokesman for Kenya’s Internal Security Ministry, Mwenda Njoka, said that it is still premature to say who was behind the attacks. That being said, they do believe that the work was done by Al-Shabaab. They will not know anything else until the investigation is done.

Although Kenya has been hit by al-Shabaab before, this was the worst attack since last September, when al-Shabaab attacked the Westgate shopping mall. That attack led to the killing of 67 people. Al-Shabaab said that they would continue to attack Kenya until it withdraws all of its troops from Somalia.

That is why it is believed that al-Shabaab is behind these attacks once again. Despite their request, Kenya has already made it perfectly clear that it will not be withdrawing its troops. Right now its troops are deployed in parts of Africa to help keep peace.



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