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New Bombing in Egypt Causes More Tourism Problems

EgyptYet another bomb has gone off in Egypt, causing even more tourism problems for the already struggling country. This bombing happened in Cairo on the eve of the anniversary of the 2011 revolution. According to local authorities in Egypt, the bomb went off near the main police headquarters. Although it appears that the bomb was targeting the police headquarters, it also managed to damage other surrounding buildings as well. This includes the Egyptian National Library, the local courthouse and the Museum of Islamic Art. Authorities said that there was a second explosion that happened in Dokki, a city across the river from Cairo. Later, a third explosion went off in Giza.

As a result of these explosions, governments around the world are now issuing travel advice and warnings for Egypt. For Brits, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued travel advice for Brits who are in Cairo. This advice went out to Brits who find themselves near any government buildings because these are the buildings that are most likely going to be targeted by bombers. The advice from the Foreign Office said that all Brits need to exercise caution. Travellers should minimize all travel around the city until it is time for them to return back to the UK.

Just earlier this week, the Foreign Office warned all travellers in Egypt to avoid demonstrations and big gatherings until the anniversary of the revolution was over. In light of these most recent attacks, it seems that the travel advice issued by the Foreign Office was spot on.

Unfortunately for the tourism industry in Egypt, the incident comes just a few months after the Foreign Office finally lifted its warnings against travel to Egypt. These new bombings are likely going to cause more tourism problems for Egypt as more countries around the world continue to issue travel warnings as well.

Right now, the Foreign Office has only issued travel advice for Egypt. If people wish to cancel their trips to Egypt, they need to hope that the Foreign Office announces travel warning against all but essential travel to Egypt. This is the only way that Brits will be able to cancel their trips to Cairo free of charge. Most travel companies will not cancel or refund trips to countries unless the government announces travel warnings for the area in question.

The last thing that Egypt needs right now is a lot of countries around the world throwing up more traveling warnings. This goes double during this time of year when many Brits are looking to beat the cold by travelling to places like Cairo. However, with these new sets of bombings, governments around the world have little choice but to assume that more bombings will take place. Expect to see more travel warnings go up next year as well due to the approach of the anniversary of the 2011 revolution. Egyptian authorities will have to do everything in their power to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening again.



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