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New Hertz study determines how far people are willing to travel for Valentine’s Day

Hertz Car Rental LogoSome say that there is no limit to what they will do for love. Unfortunately, that may not be the case for all Brits. Thanks to a new Hertz survey, the car rental giant has been able to determine just how far people are willing to travel to be with the ones they love for Valentine’s Day. That being said, the study did fine that most Brits are willing to travel close to 900 miles to be with the ones they love on this holiday.

Hertz found out that most Brits are willing to travel at least 887 miles to be with their true love for Valentine’s Day. To put that into perspective, 887 miles is the same distance between London and Rome. So most Brits would travel well out of their way to find love on this special day. Despite this fact, not all Brits are this romantic at heart.

The survey went on to find out that close to a quarter of the people polled by the car rental giant said they would not be willing to travel more than 30 miles from their home. This was shocking since there are some people who will travel more than 30 miles just to watch a good movie.

The good news is that true love is not dead. At least eight out of every nine people would at least be willing to travel some distance to be with their lover. On top of that, at least 10% of all Brits that took this survey said they would travel more than 6,000 miles if they had to just to see their loved one.

So who are the most romantic people in the UK? According to the survey, the residents of Essex are the most romantic. That being said, it was the people of Chelmsford that are willing to travel the furthest to be with the ones they love. However, if people are looking for romance, they better stay clear of Gloucester. The people here are the least likely to travel any distance at all in the name of love.

The survey conducted by Hertz did not stop there. It also went on to find out the dating habits of Brits in love. Close to 50% of those who were surveyed said they will most likely drive to some kind of restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Almost 40% of people said that they would be heading to the sea for a romantic getaway. As far as music goes, Bryan Adams and Whitney Houston are the most likely artists to be played during the romantic drive.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Hertz and Air France will be honouring their special commitment to each other. These two companies, which have been partners for nearly twenty-four years, will be offering all Air France passengers 24% off basic car rentals made during Valentine’s Day week. This offer comes into play just in time for people to plan their own special Valentine’s Day getaway.



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