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New Stand on Abortion Revealed

Pregnant Woman's BellyApparently, the Department of Health is going to take a new approach to abortion. Before women will be able to go forward with an abortion, they have to be offered free counseling. This new move is really designed to give women more “breathing space” before they actually go through with the abortion.

Some doctors are saying that this rule is going to result in fewer abortions. Most doctors seem to think the rule will lower abortions in the UK by 60,000 a year. It is pretty easy to guess that many pro-life campaigners are supporting this new change. Looking at the change in more detail, people will see that the new rule is going to make it mandatory for abortion clinics to offer women independent counseling. How this is going to help, or how much it will affect abortion rates, has yet to be seen.

This new proposal is being suggested just before MPs are to get together to vote on amendments for the health bill. These suggestions are being put forward by Nadine Dorries. There have been a lot of questions regarding these changes, and hopefully they will be answered soon.

Of course, not all people are in support of this new change. In fact, abortion charities are saying that these changes are not in the best interest of women. They say this is a new rule that is simply being put in place as a way to reduce the number of terminations taking place in the UK. There are a number of things that this new amendment would change. For example, the amendment would prevent pre-abortion counseling from being offered by private organizations that would also carry out terminations. One of the organizations that will be effected by this is Marrie Stopes.

People who are critics of abortion clinics say that counseling should be offered by other companies that do not offer terminations. This is because those kinds of companies are typically run as businesses. They make more money if the women choose to go through with the abortion. Of course, this is a claim that is denied by the clinics themselves. It is important to keep in mind that this new rule does not, in any way, make pre-abortion counseling mandatory. Pro-choice groups oppose any kind of required counseling.

The spokesperson for the Department of Health said that they are in the middle of developing proposals to introduce independent counseling into the abortion system. These proposals are focused on improving women’s health and well-being. The truth of the matter is that abortion is a big market in the UK. In fact, just last year Marie Stopes and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service were paid about £60 million to carry out about 100,000 terminations. This is a number that some people in the UK believe is too high.




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