New Survey Claims Wi-Fi Is the Most Important Thing in a Hotel

Free Wi-FiWhat do travellers look for most in a hotel? Is it a good night of sleep? What about clean beds or nice staff? Apparently it’s none of those things, according to a study by Amba Hotels. The number one thing that 67 percent of its guests want is a good Wi-Fi connection.

Although a fast Internet connection is important, people also like when the Internet connection is free. Guests said that this is one of the first things they check for when shopping for hotels. A lot of the time they will choose one hotel over another based on its Wi-Fi. Just because people are on holiday doesn’t mean they have to stay off Facebook.

The study also found that free and fast Wi-Fi will drastically impact the number of visitors that are attracted to a hotel. It will also greatly improve the overall rate that the hotel receives from guests that are staying with them.

While some travellers ranked clean rooms, room service and a good night of sleep as their most important things, it was a very small percentage compared to the number of people who just want good Wi-Fi. Around 60 percent of the travellers who took the survey said that having Wi-Fi was extremely important because it allowed them to search and learn about the local area. Maybe these guests were too embarrassed to say that they needed their daily Farmville fix.

The remaining 40 percent of guests said that having very knowledgeable staff that could provide them with helpful information about the local area played a factor in their review. What we are really seeing is how the technology age is taking over. People who do not use computers still rely on traditional methods of obtaining information, such as asking hotel staff for directions. People who use computers no longer have to rely on that, so it’s not as important to them.

All of that said, people who look for an Internet connection first did say that they also look for other features as well. For example, an unclean hotel is not going to win them over just because it has fast Internet. While Wi-Fi is important, other factors still play a role in travellers’ decisions to stay at a certain hotel. It’s just that Wi-Fi plays a bigger role than what most people give it credit for.



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