New Website Ranks Airlines in Terms of Reliability

View of Plane Seats and WindowHow reliable are airlines? This is a question that most of us really can’t answer. Sure everyone has their own idea as to what makes an airline reliable, but besides that, there is no real way to “rank” airlines. Well, that is all about to change thanks to a new website called This is a website that was developed by Australian aviation author Geoffrey Thomas. He says that this website is the result of more than two years of research done by his team.

According to Mr Thomas, this website is able to rank more than 425 airlines from around the world. These airlines are all given a star-rating system. The system is set up on a seven-star ranking, with one star going to the least reliable airlines in the world.

After all of the research was done, only 137 airlines were able to achieve seven stars. This does include airlines like Aer Lingus, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Lufthansa. Other budget airlines like Ryaniar and easyJet only achieved five stars.

After launching the site, Mr Thomas said that his team views safety as the number one way to rank an airline. When it comes down to it, people want their airline to be safe. He said that he is someone that flies more than 70 days a year. He knows that when someone flies a lot, knowing which airlines are the best is extremely important. While most countries have some good airlines to choose from, there are some countries were people are better off just taking a train or car than running the risk of flying.

Mr Thomas went on to say that just because people have not heard of an airline does not mean they are not good. For example, say someone was flying from London to Moscow. One of the airlines they could fly with is Belavia Airlines. Not everyone has heard of them, so are they safe? Well, people might be shocked to find out that this airline has actually scored a perfect seven in terms of safety. In truth, this is one of the best airlines that people can fly with on this route.

Of course, the information that is dealing with is always changing. That is why Mr Thomas said that the website is going to be updated very frequently. He says that this is the only way that his site can give people the most up-to-date information. Airlines’ rankings will also be changed as they receive more information about every airline.

This website does not just rank airlines in terms of safety. It also ranks airlines in terms of products, which are actually based off real passenger reviews. This is a very challenging area for airlines to make a perfect score. In total, only 11 airlines were able to score a seven-star ranking. This did included airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.



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