Nintendo Finally Confirms A New Gaming Console for 2012

New Nintendo ConsoleThere have been a number of rumors flying around the internet about Nintendo’s plans to release a new home console. However, until now these have been nothing but rumors. Now it seems that Nintendo has confirmed these rumors by announcing that they will be releasing a new gaming console for the calendar year of 2012.

However, that was not the only news that Nintendo had to announce about their upcoming system. They also noted that this new system, which has been dubbed “Project Cafe,” will be shown off at E3 this June. In fact, Nintendo of Japan has said that the console will actually be playable at E3 and people will be able to see what this hardware can really do.

In a brief statement, Nintendo said that their plans are to show the world a playable model of their new system at this year’s E3 Expo. This expo is going to be held June 7 through the 9th. For people wishing to attend the show, it will be held in Los Angeles.

Current internet sources, which have been right about everything so far, have already said that this new system by Nintendo will be the most powerful on the market. In fact, it’s power is suppose to surpass that of even the PlayStation 3. This is a big jump up from Nintendo’s current home console, the Wii.

Other reports have said that the biggest shock may not be the impressive graphics of this new system, but the new controllers. The new controllers, which are believed to be more for “hardcore” gamers, will feature dual analog sticks, as well as a 6 inch touchscreen display. As of now it is not known if this touchscreen will be used just to display game information while playing or if players will be able to directly stream games to their controller.

The president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, said that Nintendo never just releases a system with updated graphics. There always has to be a new approach to how people interact with their games. Some assumed that Nintendo was going to go 3D because of the 3DS. However, 3D is harder to do on home consoles, because 3D TVs have not been widely accepted yet. So Nintendo has taken it in a new direction.

The system is going to have the graphical power that hardcore gamers want. It will also have the power that 3rd party developers want when it comes to making epic games. No word yet if the system is going to be backwards compatible with Wii or Gamecube games. Most assume that it will have the power to play Wii games, which will mean that it will still be able to use the Wii remotes.

What is known is that the controllers, whatever they look like, are going back to the traditional two-handed approach. Also it is known that the new Nintendo console will be able to play games in HD.



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