Nintendo President Announces New 3DS Sales Message

Nintendo 3DSSo far, the sales of the 3DS have been pretty good around the world. This goes double for the fact that the launch line-up for the system was a bit under par for most gamers. However, there is a person that was not happy with the launch numbers, and that was the president of Nintendo himself, Satoru Iwata. After looking over the launch numbers, he said that it was very clear that the company needs to do more to convey the value of this product to the consumer.

For those that do not know, the launch figure for 3DS sales was 3.61 million. This is a pretty impressive amount of systems sold, but it is still shy of the 4 million mark that Nintendo was hoping to reach.

Iwata said that the value of the 3DS is hard to show with the existing media that is out there today. That is why Nintendo tried to get the system out in people’s hands. However, the company also found out that some people still weren’t fully understanding the value of the system when experiencing it in an improper fashion. Thus, it is becoming very important to Nintendo to get more people to try out the product in the way that it is suppose to be viewed.

The truth of the matter is that some of the display pods for the Nintendo 3DS do not do the system any justice. That is because the system has to be held at the right angle in order to see the 3D fully. That being said, a lot of people are apparently getting the wrong impression of the system itself.

At the same time, Nintendo is still having a hard time getting some people to understand that the system is not all about 3D. In fact, the 3D can be completely turned off and what’s left behind is a clean, crisp, picture. The graphical power of the machine alone is very impressive and very worthy of the upgrade.

Of course, experts are not worried about the sales of the 3DS. In fact, industry experts say that the system is likely to see a huge increase in sales as soon as more first party Nintendo games get released. As soon as games like Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart, Super Mario and Star Fox hit the console, it will be hard to find one. They go on to say that people who want to play these games should by a 3DS now while they are still easy to find.

Iwata finished up by saying that there is no easy way to market this kind of hardware. However, Nintendo was aware of this from the start, and that is why they have had such a big marketing campaign. Big things are still in store for the 3DS.



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