Nok Air catches heat for racy calendar featuring Maxim models

Nok AirWhen it comes to “raunchy” calendars, Ryanair is usually the first airline that comes to mind. However, there is another airline that wants to give the carrier a run for their money, and that is Nok Air. Of course, there is one huge difference between the calendars that Ryanair puts out versus that of Nok Air. When Ryanair puts out a calendar, they use actual cabin crew members. Nok Air, on the other hand, is using actual models from Maxim.

Nok Air, which is a Thai budget airline, has created a lot of controversy as of late by releasing this calendar in a usually conservative country. This has raised the eyebrows of Mrs Prisna Pongtadsirikul, who is the Ministry of Culture’s Permanent Secretary. In fact, she has already publicly stated that this is proof companies simply refuse to stop using women’s bodies as some sort of marketing tool.

Mrs Pongtadsirikul says companies like Nok Air lack any kind of cultural or social responsibilities. They simply choose to ignore female dignity and treat women like a piece of meat. This is not the kind of message that this airline or other companies should be sending out.

Of course, there are some industry experts who don’t agree and believe that Nok Air has handled this “marketing strategy” better than the likes of Ryanair. Where Ryanair is using women who are actual cabin crew members, Nok Air is using models. These are women who base their whole career off being “modelled” and shown in a sexual manner.

This new calendar from Nok Air is part of their new online promotion. It features a bunch of models from Maxim posing in different outfits around Nok Air planes. This includes 12 women who pose around a plane in yellow bikinis, which just so happens to be the airline’s signature colour.

Mr Patee Sarasin, who is the chief executive of Nok Air, is one of those people who doesn’t see anything wrong with the calendar. Patee said that the airline business, in his view, has always been seen as “sexy”. Although the government’s negative response to this calendar is unfortunate, it was still expected. Trying to understand the Culture Ministry is not hard. They are upset and feel it is inappropriate.

However, Mr Sarasin continued, given the fact that most of the public is exposed to models and these kinds of images on a daily basis, Nok Air does not believe it has crossed the line. In fact, the airline has received a great response from the public regarding this calendar. Thus, it seems like most customers love it and want to own one. In fact, the calendar is so sought after that it is becoming hard to find. The airline is always receiving requests for more copies of the calendar.

If anything, this marketing tactic has done its job. It has put Nok Air in the headlines, as most “controversial” things do. As soon as the government said they were unhappy with the calendar, it was destined to become a big seller. This should mean big things for both Nok Air and Thai Airways, which is a 49% stakeholder of the airline.



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