Non-working Electronics No Longer Allowed on Airplanes

No Mobile Phone SignIt seems like there are new rules that the Department for Transport comes up with every day. Most of these rules are pretty clear upon hearing them, but there are some that just seem a little odd. At least this is the case with the latest rule.

According to the DfT, all electronic devices must be in working order in order to travel. To put it simply, if an electronic device doesn’t turn on, it doesn’t fly. This is on all flights, not just flights that are overseas bound to destinations such as the United States. It’s also a good idea to remember that the traveller has to be able to prove that it works. This means that the device has to actually power up. If it doesn’t power up, the traveller cannot take it. Travellers need to make sure that all off their devices are charged up before their flights.

This new rule just started on the weekend of July 4 on flights that were heading to the United States. However, as of Tuesday the DfT said that it’s going to widen the coverage of this new rule, and widen it they did. The rule now applies to every single flight in or out of the UK.

A spokesman for the DfT said that, in line with the advice the UK has received from the United States, all passengers are now required to show that their electronic devices can be powered on. This rule is going to apply to every flight in or out of the UK. If the electronic device does not power up, the traveller will not be allowed to board the aircraft.

The spokesman went on to say that, because of this new rule, travellers are being reminded and advised to make sure that all of their electronic devices work. Any electronic device that is brought on a plane in a carry-on or hand luggage will be checked. This includes phones, laptops. gaming devices and so on.

The UK is not the only country that is doing this. In fact, the United States announced on July 6 that it is requiring passengers to turn on all devices before they enter the plane. In fact, it is very likely that the idea for the UK to start doing this came from the United States.

Why are they implementing these new security measures? The main reason is because there have been fears that two terror groups are working on a bomb together that might be able to completely evade existing security measures. Until officials know for sure, they are going to implement new security measures in an attempt to detect any possible threat that people are trying to sneak onto planes.



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