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Northern delicacy sparks terror scare at Newcastle Airport

pease pA passenger trying to board an Easyjet flight with tins of a northern delicacy at Newcastle Airport triggered a security alert earlier this week. The unnamed 58-year-old man was passing through a security checkpoint with six containers of pease pudding in his carry-on bag when he was stopped.

The man later said security personnel had mistakenly thought the mushy, savoury concoction was Semtex explosive in a tin. He continued by saying he could prove the officers wrong if they sampled the pease pudding themselves.

He added that eventually he was let through with his tins, as well as some Greggs bakery pies also in the hand-luggage, and a reprimand. After arriving at Gatwick Airport in London, the man related news of the incident to media sources.

He said it was a bit fanciful to mistake pease pudding for Semtex as the tins even had labels on them saying what the contents were. Explaining why he had flown south with tins of the savoury creation, he said he loved it and wanted to make sure he had some when he arrived.

Pease pudding is also known as pease porridge in some localities. It is made out of split-peas that have been boiled and has a texture that is a little thicker than a standard porridge. Ordinarily, it is eaten with stottie flat-bread.

In 2009, at the same airport, pease pudding ran into trouble under the then stricter bans on liquids being carried on board in hand-luggage. Security personnel on duty at the time confiscated tins of the delicacy from passengers and they were sent for recycling.



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