Odd Items Left Behind in Hotels in 2014

Travelodge LogoNow that 2014 has come to an end, hotels have had a chance to reflect back on the items that guests have left behind. Of course, there are always the common items that get left behind, such as phone chargers, phones and clothing. However, what about the not so common items? What about a prosthetic hand and even a pug dog? These are just two of the weird items that were left behind in 2014.

Travelodge has recently revealed a list of the most odd items that were left behind in its more than 500 UK hotels last year. One such item was keys to an expensive BMW X6. One would think that a person would remember the keys to their ride. The person not only left the keys there but also didn’t return to get them for five days.

According to Travelodge, nearly 17 million people stayed in its hotels during the 12 months of 2014. Despite offering great rooms, or perhaps it was because of the comfy rooms, some guests were not awake enough in the morning to remember to take all of their items with them.

One person even left behind their dog. The staff at a Travelodge in Towcester Silverstone said that they were shocked to find a pug named Dancer while cleaning a room. Another guest in Northampton left behind his first-class plane tickets from Heathrow to Los Angeles. Yet another guest left behind his whole suit case. This might not have been so odd if it wasn’t for the fact that the suitcase was full of canned soup.

Even book collectors are leaving behind their most valuable items. In York, hotel staff discovered a mint copy of “Watership Down.” They later discovered that the book was a first edition, making it worth well more than what the person paid for the room. Of course, that’s not as odd as a guest in Yorkshire who left his prosthetic hand behind. Here’s to hoping he had another one.

Of course, the items that are found in these rooms are not kept. Guests have up to three months to claim them. The items that are not claimed are donated to charity shops. Of course, most items get picked up. People probably notice when their dogs or the keys to their BMWs have gone missing.

A spokeswoman for Travelodge, Shakila Ahmed, said that 2014 has proven to be an interesting one. With how much people count on technology, it’s odd to see how much of this technology is left behind in rooms. During the course of 2014, Travelodge had more than 12,000 tablets and even mobile phones left behind. This probably has a lot to do with people being so eager to get from one point to another. Life moves fast, and people have to leave in a hurry to keep up with it. The end result is a lot of left-behind items.



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