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Oslo Train Station Security Alert Lifted after Suspicious Bag Found

Oslo Central Station (Oslo Sentralstasjon) (source: Wikepedia)The discovery of a bag that had been left behind by a passenger prompted the partial evacuation of Oslo Central Station (Oslo Sentralstasjon or Oslo S) on Wednesday morning. A news agency reported that somebody was seen putting the bag on a bus near railway track 19, and then they left the scene. The Norwegian Railway Authority says the suspicious bag was found in one of the buses that links the train station to Oslo Airport. The area was sealed off by police, but the abandoned bag was later found not to have anything suspicious inside after all, it added.

The driver of the bus that was set to travel to the airport, Jack Vaadahl, said that he reported the suspicious bag to security personnel. A suspicious man left hurriedly and left his bag on the bus, he added. A fireman on the scene confirmed that there was a bag that was left on a bus, and the police bomb squad checked it out. A Norges Statsbaner (Norwegian State Railways or NBS) official said that all the trains and buses were cancelled until further notice. No one was allowed to enter the station under police orders, he added.

Afterward, police were said to be seeking a ‘dangerous and unstable’ man who was released from jail on Monday and claims to identify himself with Anders Breivik, the man who bombed and went on a shooting spree in Norway just last week. However, this statement was later retracted, as the man isn’t connected after all.

In the wake of the bombing and shooting spree that occurred in Norway on Friday, resulting in at least 76 deaths, the whole city of Oslo is on high alert. According to police and his lawyer, 32-year-old Breivik has confessed to carrying out the attacks, but he has pleaded not guilty to killing the victims. He claimed in a 1,500-page manifesto to be associated with two terror cells in the nation, along with others abroad. It’s believed that he developed his bomb with fertiliser bought while pretending to be a farmer, and police blew up a hidden supply of explosives found on the farm on Tuesday night.

After the car bomb that exploded in the capital’s government district, the first of the Cabinet ministers were set to return to their offices on Wednesday. Rigmor Aasrud, the administration and church affairs minister, was due to be the first to return following the blast blowing a hole through the prime minister’s office and damaging other buildings badly. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is said to be working from the defence ministry for the time being, and cabinet meetings will be conducted at a medieval fort close to the Oslo waterfront. It’s not clear if his 17-storey building will be rebuilt or torn down.



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