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Payless Car Rental Office Stormed by Armed Robbers

Payless Car Rental Logo & Rental CarsSurveillance footage has been released from a Payless Car Rental office on McCoy Road in Orange County, Florida that was attacked by armed robbers last Monday. In the footage, the heavily-armed men can be seen doing all they can to show they have control of the situation by waving their guns at employees and in their faces – one of them was carrying a shotgun. No one was hurt during the robbery, and the suspects are still at large.

Detectives have been cited saying that they are impressed about how fast the armed men took control of the car hire business. People usually go where there is a lot of money for a robbery, and the car rental office isn’t a bank, they said. The robbers stormed and fled the office in less than 5 minutes and were waving their guns the second they walked in.

The armed men entered the car rental business around 1:30am through a break room, where an employee immediately got a handgun pointed in his face. In defence, the employee waved his hands in front of him just before one of the smaller suspects entered with a shotgun.

Orange Country Sheriff’s Office Detective Jose Ramirez said that the suspects basically took every employee down in order to control the business. The one with the shotgun looks like a kid to him, as the gun is nearly a big as him, he added. Other officials say it’s not just the stature of the gunmen that make them look young and inexperienced. Although they controlled the business like professionals, a car hire office mostly does business with credit cards, and experienced robbers know where the large amounts of cash can be found.

In other words, they didn’t make very much from the robbery. They took money from the employees’ wallets, but it hasn’t been reported if credit cards were taken. The best thing that the group out of the heist was a blue Ford Focus that they used as a getaway car.

Despite their inexperience, the armed men didn’t hesitate in their actions. They chased customers in the night and beat a janitor, breaking his elbow, according deputies. Ramirez says that the employees were working overnight, and a kid walks in with a shotgun and believes he can control what’s going on. This doesn’t have words, he added. Other detectives say that this robbery was probably the men’s first time, and they are amazed that nobody was killed during it.

Even so, it’s still an experience that the Payless Car Rental employees will probably think about as long as they live. Manager Dan Dittman says that there’s no doubt that having a gun in your face will change the way you look at life.



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