Pensioner closes A13 motorway in Essex by driving the wrong way

Bowers GiffordA pensioner caused mayhem on the A13 motorway in Essex by driving in the fast lane, against the flow of traffic on Monday. The as yet unnamed woman took the wrong entry near Basildon and drove towards Southend, but in the outside lane of the carriageway for London.

Eyewitnesses said the motorist, who looked well into her 80s, was driving a red Peugeot and seemed to not have a care in the world as she tootled along in the overtaking lane. Sam Butt was one of the drivers on the motorway at the time. He told reporters afterwards that the car in front of him suddenly veered left and he was forced to follow suit.

Butt continued by saying that the woman continued on her little jaunt while other drivers were forced into taking emergency evasive action. Another motorist said that it was absolute mayhem in the lady’s wake as other cars swerved or ploughed into the central reservation.

He added that he could see four crashed cars before the woman stopped her little Peugeot. Responding to an emergency call received at 12:35, traffic police officers and a rapid-response vehicle soon arrived at the scene at Bowers Gifford. They shut the motorway for about 40 minutes while they sorted out the chaos.

Two ambulances also attended and an East of England Ambulance Service spokesperson later stated that two people were taken to hospital. One man required treatment for injuries to his neck and back. The other person was the female driver and she was given a routine check-up.



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