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People Taking High Doses of Statins May Have an Increases Risk of Getting Diabetes

Pack of PillsThere are pills out there that can fix just about anything. However, sometimes people take these pills to cure one problem only to be hit with another. A lot of times, the new problem they are dealing with was caused by the pills themselves. Well this may be the case with statins, according to new reports.

For those that do not know, statins are a cholesterol lowering pill. There is no question that statins can be helpful for people with high cholesterol. In fact, statins can help lower the likelihood of having a heart attack by some 16 percent. However, new research does show that these pills are not without their side effects.

A new study has revealed that people taking a high dose of statins may have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In fact, the reports go on to show that patients that were taking these increased doses of statins were 12 percent more likely to get diabetes than people who were not taking them.

Research suggests that there are about seven million people in the UK alone that are currently taking statins, meaning that one out of every three adults over the age of 40 are on these pills. That being said, it is not known just how many of these people are on a high dose of statins, which would be more than 80 miligrams every single day.

The research was carried out by the University of Glasgow. Apparently this university looked at five previous studies involving 32,7000 patients taking high and moderate doses of statins. High doses are around 80mg and moderate doses are around 20 to 40mg.

The study showed that there were 149 extra cases of type 2 diabetes among the people who were taking a high dose of statins. This pretty much represented an increased risk of about 12 percent overall. The authors said that their findings mean that clinicians should look closely for the development of diabetes in patients that are receiving heavy statin therapy.

Of course, the medical director for the British Heart Foundation said that this research should not cause people to stop taking their prescribed statins. Overall, statins play a very vital role in protecting the heart for many people. Overall, the benefits of this drug still far outweigh any kind of risks that may be associated with them.

He went on to say that the increased risk occurred in people who were taking very high doses of the drugs. Most people taking these drugs are not on doses that are that high in the first place. It is extremely important that people talk to their doctors before they simply just “stop” taking a drug. Chances are, this drug is still doing way more good for the body than harm.



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