Pieces of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 and Bodies Found

AirAsia logoSearch parties have found pieces of missing AirAsia flight QZ8501. Unfortunately, the pieces tell a horrible story that wasn’t what family members and loved ones wanted to hear. Pictures were broadcast in Indonesia of victims’ bodies and pieces of the plane floating in the Java Sea. They also showed suitcases floating on the water near the area that the plane went down.

The lead news station Channel NewsAsia released a tweet after airing the news, apologizing to viewers for the graphic images that were shown. The news channel said that it inadvertently showed the pictures, and it wasn’t its intention to do so.

Families who had lost loved ones gathered to watch the news report in the crisis center located in Surbaya. This is the same city where the flight started its doomed flight from Surbaya to Singapore. The report said that the National Search and Rescue Agency found wreckage and bodies about 6 miles from the last known location of the plane.

The executive chief officer of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes, said that he is simply devastated at what has taken place. This is the most difficult moment that AirAsia has ever had to deal with. Right now they are still waiting for further developments in the investigation. However, the first priority of AirAsia is the well-being of the family members who have lost loved ones.

Now that the search crew has started to recover pieces of the jet and passengers’ bodies, investigators will start to piece together the final minutes of the flight. There were 162 people on board when the air traffic controller lost contact.

Although they are still looking for the flight deck recorder, they are sure that the debris will prove to be very significant in finding out what happened to the plane. So far, evidence suggests that the plane was still largely intact when it hit the water. This means that it didn’t break up during the flight.

Investigators hope to use the debris to pinpoint the area where the main body of the plane is located. If they can, they should be able to find the fight deck recorder. This helps record the conversations that were held in the cabin just before the plane went down. They can also recover information about the plane, such as altitude, speed and other details that can piece everything together.



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