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PlayStation Network Back Online in Select Countries

Playstation Network LogoWell the good news is that Sony is finally getting their PlayStation Network back online. The bad news is that it is only coming back online in select areas at a time. North America got their service restored to them this past Saturday. UK users saw their service returned to them on Sunday, but many other parts of Europe have yet to see the network come back online.

The PlayStation Network was brought back to life with a firmware update. Needless to say, many gamers were pleased with the news, or at least the ones that still own their PS3s. The truth of the matter is that stores have been reporting a huge increase in the number of PS3 systems that have been traded in. Some of these trade-ins are going towards Xbox 360s, while others are trading them back in for cash.

So the main question right now is: When will the rest of the world get this 3.61 update for their PS3s? Well according to Sony, this update should be rolled out in other territories soon. The goal is to have the network back online for the rest of the world by May 31, meaning that some places in the world could have weeks left to wait before their system is back online.

On top of that, Sony is still not aware of who caused this crash, which brought the network to its knees back on April 20. Whatever hacker group orchestrated this huge attack, they are not commenting on it. It is even possible that it was simply one person that brought Sony’s online network down.

What people do not know is that over 100 million users had their personal details compromised due to this breach. This has really hurt Sony’s online reputation and has some questioning if it could happen again. Some gamers have admitted that they feel safer switching over to Microsoft or Nintendo since this kind of breach has never taken place.

The major thing that Sony has to do right now is crowd control. They have to get gamers back on their side, and they have to do it quickly. Sony and Microsoft have been talking about keeping their current systems out for another few years. However, if people are too scared to buy the PS3 now, Sony may have to announce a new system sooner than expected. That would be bad since the PS3 was finally becoming profitable for the company.

Of course, Sony is about to have some more competition soon. As many already know, Nintendo is going to be announcing their next home console at this year’s E3. This next system is supposed to have graphics on par with (if not better than) both Sony and Microsoft’s current systems. With the other two companies thinking of waiting to release a new system, Nintendo is going to have a running start.



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