PlayStation Network Still Down After Security Breach

Playstation Network LogoOne of the things that Sony fans have always bragged about is the great online network that Sony has to offer. Sony fans were always quick to point out that their online network was so much better than the Nintendo Wii’s in just about every category and was even way ahead of Xbox Live.

The PlayStation Network offers far better quality than what Nintendo’s free Wi-Fi system offers. That being said, for the past few days now Sony fans have not been able to use their far better network, as it has been down. Sony took the network down after a huge security breach resulted in millions of people’s sensitive information getting stolen by an “unauthorized user” – a problem that Nintendo and Xbox users have not had to deal with.

However, fear not Sony fans; the system should be up soon, right? Well according to a new update from Sony, it should finally be back up…within another week. That’s right, Sony’s blog update said that their employees have been working day and night to restore operations as quickly as possible. They expect the service to be running within another week of time.

For those that don’t know, Sony’s PlayStation Network and Oricocity music streaming service has been down since April 20. Sony shut down the system after a breach was detected. So far media reports have confirmed that hackers were able to steal the personal details of some 77 million users. This does include their email address, physical address, passwords, birth dates and names.

Sony has now said that they are trying to move their whole data infrastructure into a new, more secure location. However, it appears that this move is too little too late, as Sony is already facing lawsuits due to this security breach.

The electronic giant went on to say that they want it to be perfectly clear that they will not restore operations to the system until they are sure that the whole network is secure. They went on to admit that the personal data table was never encrypted. However, they did say it was behind a very sophisticated security system.

Apparently this security system was not “sophisticated” enough, as users have had their information stolen from them. Not only that, but one lawsuit claims that Sony waited way too long to inform users of the security breach. The only good news about all of this is the fact that the credit card information that Sony keeps in their data base is encrypted. So far the company has said that they have found no evidence to suggest that this information was taken.

Hopefully when the PlayStation Network gets back online Sony will do a better job of protecting people’s personal information. Now the only question is, how much is this lawsuit going to cost them?



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