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Police Move Into Location Where Brothers of the Charlie Hebdo Attack Hide

Charlie Hebdo AttackIt has been a sad week for the people of France. Earlier this week, there was an attack on the Charlie Hebdo office, which is well known for making satirical cartoons. The office has been focusing a lot of their efforts on making fun of Islamists recently, most notably the Prophet Mohammad.

The attack on the Charlie Hebdo building ended with 12 people dead and dozens more taken to the hospital. Armed Islamist militants pulled up to the building in ski masks, attacked staff, security and police with assault rifles and fled in a get-away car. Since then, there has been a country-wide manhunt for the men who participated in the attack.

However, the hunt for two brothers that are suspected of being behind the attacks may be coming to an end. French anti-terrorism police were seen on Thursday, Dec. 8, converging on a building in northeastern Paris. The police decided to raid this building after they got reports that the two brothers were seen at a gasoline station near the region.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the men were in a Renault Clio vehicle wearing cagoules at the petrol station located on a road in Villers-Cotterets. This is a small place that lies just about 70 kilometers from Paris. The biggest problem that police are dealing with right now is sorting out actual sightings of the terrorists. Police are getting tons of unconfirmed reports and sightings of the assailants from all over Paris. This is making it hard to pinpoint where the assailants may be and what reports are factual.

The terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo building is being labelled the worst attack on French soil in decades. Allied states and national leaders around the world have been describing the attack as a complete assault on democracy. During a minute of silence to observe the lives lost, the bells of Notre-Dame cathedral rang.

Manuel Valls, the Prime Minster of France, said during an emergency cabinet meeting that fears of another attack are legitimate. This is obviously the main concern that they have right now. This is why they have thousands of investigators and police looking for the men who participated in this attack. These men are armed and very dangerous, and there is no doubt that they will attack again if needed.

Meanwhile, a policewoman was killed on Thursday during a shootout in Paris. However, police have been unable to confirm if there is a link between the terrorists and the recent shooting.



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