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Prince Harry Caught Nude on Holiday

Prince HarryPrince Harry has been in Las Vegas, where he stayed at the five-star Wynn Hotel in the high rollers’ suite, during his 10-day holiday from military duties. It appears that he had a blast at the time, but now he’s facing leaked explicit photos of himself. The pics show him playing around naked with a woman in a hotel room, reportedly his. Now he’s been accused of bringing the Royal Family to worldwide shame.

The shots of Prince Harry’s birthday suite were taken on someone’s mobile phone, showing him only wearing a thong necklace. He and some people had been playing a game of ‘naked billiards’ in the royal’s suite. He can be seen covering his groin with his hands in one of the photos, trying to preserve his modesty while a girl hid behind him. While other partygoers were watching, another shot shows him hugging a naked woman by the pool table.

Prince Harry’s advisors at St James’s Palace were in meetings to discuss how to handle the scandal while the prince journeyed back home to resume his military duties. Despite accusations of bringing the Royal Family to shame, senior royal sources insist that the prince was on a private holiday in his hotel suite and expected some degree of privacy. Another source added that the prince has always been lively, which is just how he lets off steam.

There’s a possibility Prince Harry faces a meeting with his Army superiors upon his return home. Their rules don’t accept social misbehaviour – particularly if it blemishes the reputation of the nation’s armed forces. The public has been shocked by his lack of caution, as it’s understood his party buddies were members of the public he met on the trip and invited back to his room.

The photos were leaked by US website TMZ, who says the disturbing party happened after Prince Harry and his friends became acquainted with a group of girls. The group then returned to the prince’s suite, which has a pool table, and decided to play a strip version of the game. The fun quickly ended with the prince and at least one of the girls being totally nude.

Aside from shaming the Royal Family and hurting the reputation of Britain’s armed forces, the scandal also makes Prince Harry’s police protection team look like a joke. The Scotland Yard officers are funded by the taxpayer, and at least two have accompanied the prince on holiday. Although they aren’t there to be a moral compass for him, there are questions about why they didn’t keep the fellow partiers from taking photos of the prince’s antics.

Dai Davies, the former head of royal protection at the Met, admits that it can be hard to keep a handle on Prince Harry. He describes the prince as a lovely man, but terrible to control at times. They are paying a lot of money for security to follow him everywhere. He’s a young man with a lot of testosterone, he added, and sometimes the balance slips.

This incident has come as a big disappointment to advisors at St James’s Palace, as they had been happy with the prince’s growing maturity. Prince Harry had undertaken his first official foreign tour earlier this year on behalf of the Queen. He charmed statesmen and the public in nations from Brazil to the Bahamas. The tour was successful, and there had been talks about another trip next year – military commitments permitting. With more pressure on younger members of the Royal Family to take on royal duties since Prince Philip was hospitalised for the third time in eight months, St James’s Palace will have a harder time dismissing this latest incident as nothing more than fun and games.



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