Privilege DriveXpert study reveals clever people liable to fail driving tests

New driverA survey conducted by motor insurers Privilege DriveXpert has found the less brainy and gifted among us are more likely to ace their driving tests. Researchers quizzed almost 1,600 people who had passed their tests and found 59 per cent of those who passed first time had few, if any, qualifications.

The percentage dropped significantly for those with A levels, college diplomas or university degrees. In this demographic, the pass rate dropped to 51 per cent. Breaking the statistics down further turned up a few more surprises.

For learners with zero qualifications, the averaged out amount of times needed to pass their tests was 1.7. This increased slightly to 1.8 for learners with GCSEs. People with an artistic bent, also bucked the trend.

The data revealed people with A-levels or higher in art, or art related subjects, took 1.9 attempts to pass their tests. Those who are currently opting to study mathematics or science might be better off switching to art as they are likely to have to take their tests 2.3 times before they pass.

Examining those with degrees also revealed a trend that the higher the qualification the lower the pass rate was. The average first time pass rate was 48 per cent for people with BAs and BScs. For drivers with master’s or PhD degrees, the first time pass rate was one per cent lower.

Commenting on Privilege DriveXpert’s survey results, De Montfort University’s Dr Lee Hadlington noted that those with fewer qualifications probably did repetitive procedural or mechanical work. The doctor explained this left them psychologically better prepared for their driving tests.



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