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Professor Brian Cox Says Time-travel May Not Be Out of the Question

Professor CoxWhen people think of time-travel, they usually think that it is nothing more than a good plot to a show like “Doctor Who.” That being said, one British physicist seems to think that time-travel may actually be possible. At least, time traveling forward thousands of years may be possible. He does admit that getting back to your original time would impossible.

When speaking about time-travel, Professor Cox talked about Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity. According to this theory, time actually slows down as you hit the speed of light. To put this into perspective for people, time actually slows down fractionally for someone who is on a flight from the UK to the United States. Time has slowed down for the people who are in the air when compared to the people who are not moving at all. That being said, time is slowed by such a small percentage that it is not noticed.

Professor Cox went on to say that the real question that people want to know is if it is possible to build a time machine. The answer to that question is a shocking yes. This time machine could send people into the future. If you can make the human body move fast enough, your internal clock is moving slower than the people standing still. Once you hit the speed of light, your clock would be running so slow that you could travel thousands of years into the future.

Despite the fact that it might be possible to time-travel to the future, people should not expect to get back to their original time. Naturally, time progresses forward. Thus, the only way to go back in time would be to find some kind of wormhole that was allowing passage back to the present. Of course, this theory is all based on the fact that a wormhole would work the way that it is predicted to.

This has lead people to believe that time-traveling forward may, in fact, be possible. Of course, we may never know because getting a human body to travel at the speed of light has never happened. The technology is simply not there yet to achieve such a thing. When it is, however, it will be something difficult to test since that person could not be brought back.

Due to the fact that one can go forward but not come back, it kind of takes time-travel off the list of possible holidays. On top of that, doctors have no idea what kind of effect time-travel would have on the body. Traveling at the speed of light would already have some kind of physical effect on the body. Some doctors believe that traveling this fast would cause all of your bodily functions to stop since your blood would not be able to flow.

Once again, this is one of those theories that is hard for doctors and people to test. It is one thing to claim that time-travel is possible, but it is another thing entirely to prove it. Until technology catches up with science fiction, people will just have to wonder if time-travel really is possible or just something movies and shows are based on.



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