Qantas Continues to Be the Safest Airline in the World

Qantas Airways PlaneQantas has been known as one of the safest airlines in the whole world for years now. A recent survey has confirmed this by listing Qantas as the safest airline in the world. In fact, the study found that Qantas is one of the only airlines that have no fatalities in the jet era. This is impressive when people consider just how many flights and passengers Qantas handles every day.

Qantas has been around for the past 93 years. During this time, Qantas has been able to maintain the best safety record in the industry. Qantas says that it is able to do this by putting safety and passenger concerns first. This is something that other airlines around the world claim to do, but very few actually deliver on the promise.

The most amazing part of this is that Qantas has not always flown safe routes. Despite this, it has been able to keep its passengers safe. For example, Qantas once flew wartime operations from Perth. This was the world’s longest air route. The flight took nearly 28 hours, and it was completely nonstop. The flight was performed in radio silence to avoid being detected by the Japanese.

During this time, Qantas was able to make more than 271 journeys. It carried more than 858 people more than 1 million miles during wartime. All of this was done without incident. Qantas stopped flying this route on July 18, 1945.

Despite staying safe, Qantas was an airline that was always willing to try new things. For example, Qantas was the very first to pioneer long-range operations for twin-engine planes. In 1962, it was the industry leader when it came to using flight data recorders to monitor all of its planes. These flight recorders were later used to monitor its crew and their performance.

To check Qantas’ safety rating, people just have to visit They can see that Qantas has the highest safety rating of seven stars. It is actually one of only 10 airlines that have been able to get a seven-star rating. Qantas got for rating for both safety and in-flight services.

Industry experts say that there is a lot to learn from Qantas. This is a company that not only puts consumers’ needs first, but it is still staying profitable. It is proof that such a business plan can and does work. Other airlines like British Airways and United Airlines claim to be safe. However, they have yet to beat out Qantas when it comes to safety. When passengers feel safe, they tend to rate airlines higher. This has been seen because Qantas usually ranks extremely high in consumer satisfaction studies.

However, Qantas has to keep striving to be the best. It now has such a great safety record that one mistake could bring down everything that it has worked so hard to build. The airline will continue to fight to be the best in the airline industry and make consumers feel safe and protected.



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