RAC poll shows strong support for opening up motorways to learners

learner motorwayA poll carried out by the RAC has found drivers strongly support removing the ban on learner drivers from driving on the UK’s motorways. The motoring organisation quizzed 2,000 drivers ahead of the release of a government survey on the same topic.

The RAC study found that 79 per cent of them were in favour of permitting L-drivers to practice on the UK’s motorways. Almost the same percentage said they believed it would be beneficial for learners to get motorway experience under their belts.

The respondents also said it would likely improve road safety standards on the nation’s motorways if new drivers had already got used to them under the watchful eye of instructors. A key proviso in the government’s proposal is that learners are only allowed on motorways with qualified instructors and twin-control vehicles.

Pete Williams is the road safety spokesperson for the RAC. Commenting on the findings of the survey, he said the time was ripe to allow learners to use motorways as it was nearly six decades since the nation inaugurated its first.

Mr Williams noted that new drivers often avoided motorways as they had gained zero practical experience in using them during their lessons. He finished off by saying the organisation broadly supported the proposal yet did not want it made compulsory as a good proportion of UK residents did not live anywhere near motorways and it would be inconvenient.

In December 2016, then under-secretary of state for transport Andrew Jones said the move would give learners a more realistic range of on-the-road experiences which would better prepare them for motorway driving. He explained that drivers who were properly equipped for motorways would benefit all motorists.



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