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Railway Explosion Leaves More Than a Dozen Killed in Russia

Volgograd Station bombingIt seems that all countries are on high alert after an explosion in the southern Russian city of Volgograd left more than a dozen people dead. This blast was not the result of some kind of mechanical malfunction but a female suicide bomber, according to local authorities. Now other rail companies from around the world are worried that more suicide bombers may strike.

Unfortunately, Volgograd is no stranger to suicide bombers. This was the second bombing that the city has seen in as little as two months. This blast will cause a lot of problems for Russia beyond just the damage that was caused. This will surly bring up a lot of anxiety about hosting the Winter Olympics in Sochi later this year. The income that Russia could get from the Winter Olympics is something the country simply cannot afford to pass up.

Vladimir Markin, who is part of the Investigative Committee, said that 15 people have been confirmed dead as a result of this bombing. On top of that, at least 30 people were injured. Many of the injured had to be rushed to the local hospital. The blast itself happened around the front entrance of the Volgograd-1 rail station by the metal detectors.

Markin went on to say that the Investigative Committee was able to locate the remains of the suspected suicide bomber. These remains will undergo DNA testing so that the authorities can find out who this lady was and where she came from.

According to witnesses, people saw a girl approach a metal detector at the front of the rail station. There she saw a policeman and started to act very nervous. It was at this point that she set off the explosive. Almost all of the victims that were injured and still alive are in critical condition. Doctors are working around the clock to keep them alive.

Among the people who were injured was a 9-year-old girl. The young girl was only able to survive the blast because her mother used her own body as a shield to protect her. The young girl is likely going to be fine, but the mother died at the scene.

The only surveillance footage that has been leaked of the blast so far comes from a building’s exterior camera. Here, people can see a massive fireball shoot out from within the train station’s central hall. This is followed by a huge cloud of smoke. In this blast, one police officer was killed and another six were wounded. They all worked near the metal detector at the station.

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee said that it was an unidentified device that caused the blast. It is also believed that it was the work of a female bomber, judging by the evidence so far. The committee will know for sure after the DNA testing is complete. Right now they are not going to speculate about which terrorist group may have been involved. However, it usually does not take long for them to come forward and claim an attack.



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