Reckless Ringwood driver banned for ton up motorway stunt

Audi S4A UK driver described as totally reckless by police has been given a lengthy ban for speeding at 155mph. Ringwood driver John Hornby, 62, was clocked by police doing 147mph on the M3 motorway in his Audi S4.

After seeing the super-charged Audi blasting along the outside lane of the motorway, PC Jamie Foster switched on his lights and followed. Aldershot magistrates heard that despite the flashing lights behind him, Hornby was seemingly oblivious and put his foot down.

The dashcam on the pursing police car showed the Audi reached 155mph, the maximum speed the S4 is limited to. Prosecuting Hornby, Paul Matcham told the magistrates at Aldershot Court it was one of the highest speeds on a UK road he had ever heard of.

Magistrates disqualified Hornby from driving for nine months. He also has to pay a £325 fine, £85 in court costs and a victim surcharge of £32. Contacted by local media sources, the Ringwood driver described the speeding offence as unfortunate but noted the ban would not stop him from being able to work.

Commenting on the conviction and ban, PC Foster said police officers were generally a little case-hardened to dangerous driving but Hornby’s offence was shocking. He explained the footage from the dashcam showed just how dangerous the speed was and how it endangered the lives of other road users as well as Hornby’s own.

PC Foster finished off by saying there was absolutely no excuse for driving in such a reckless and negligent manner. The Audi S4 packs a 4.2 litre, V8 engine under the bonnet and if wasn’t restricted by the manufacturer would be capable of speeds well in excess of 155mph.



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