Revamped UK driving tests to include sat nav use section

Driving test centreThe agency in charge of the UK’s driving tests says four new parts in December will include one on using satellite navigation systems. The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) noted that 50 per cent of motorists now used sat navs and using one was good preparation for handling unforeseen distractions.

Examiners will check whether learner drivers can use sat navs instead of road direction signs. The new driving test requirements will become effective on 4 December 2017. The DVSA explained that the changes were made to ensure those taking their driving tests were able to function in real life situations.

As part of the overhaul, reversing round corners is being kicked into touch. In place of this, learner drivers will be asked to manoeuvre in and out of parking spaces in order to pass their tests.

The section of the test in which learners are required to drive in low risk locations such as residential housing zones is also being phased out. To pass, learners will now have to spend 20 minutes negotiating higher risk roads.

The DVSA notes that the doubled independent drive time will give the examiner more chance to assess whether the learner will be a safe driver. The oral quiz at the start of the test will be combined with on the move requisites to perform actions such as turning on the heater for the rear window.

Commenting on the introduction of the driving test for the 21st century, UK minister for transport Andrew Jones said that in spite of the fact our roads were among the planet’s safest there were always ways of making them safer. He noted that sat nav usage and more independent driving were key to this.



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