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Rough Start to 2014 for Britain as Storms Continue to Pummel the Country

Umbrellas in the RainEveryone always likes to start the New Year with a bang. Unfortunately for the people living in the UK, they may be starting off 2014 with the wrong kind of bang. This is all thanks to some new storms that are causing more floods to ravish the nation. This comes after Britain was just getting over other storms that caused travel delays and saturated the ground. The already wet ground will now have to find room to hold even more water.

According to weather reports, winds of over 60 mph are hitting southwest England. They will continue to move northeast as the week goes on. Reports suggest that there will be at least 1.2 inches of rainfall that comes as a result of this rain. Of course, some areas will get even more than that. This may not have been as big of a deal if it was not for the fact that the country was already hit by heavy storms during Christmas. This has caused authorities to warn people in certain areas to look out for future flooding. The areas that are more likely to flood are the ones that had already flooded during the Christmas downpour.

Most fireworks shows were not been cancelled as Tuesday afternoon. That being said most places had no choice but to cancel their fireworks shows if the winds did not die down because there was no telling where the fireworks would land. That being said, there was almost no chance of a fire starting as a result of the fireworks due to how saturated the ground already was.

The Met Office is already telling people to expect travel delays for the New Year. The agency issued severe weather warnings for southern and northwest England, Northern Ireland, south Wales and Scotland. In a statement, the Met Office said that the ground is already holding a ton of water in these areas. As a result, all of the water that comes down is just going to sit on top of the already saturated ground. This just increases the risk of flooding in many areas. Expect travel delays, and allow for extra time when travelling.

At the time of this writing, the Environment Agency had already issued 106 different flood alerts. At least seven of these warnings were for serious flood warnings for Wales and England. A spokesman for the Environment Agency said that New Year’s Day will be greeted by heavy rains. These rains will last for much of the day. People living in southeast and southwest England are expected to get hit the hardest.

A member of the Met Office, Andy Yeatman, said that the storms that are expected for New Year’s Day are going to cause some travel problems. They will hit southwest England and south Wales in the early morning. From there, they are expected to travel to the northeast. This would put the storms over most of England by lunchtime.



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