Ryanair Announces 1000 New Jobs

Ryanair PlaneIt has been confirmed by Ryanair this week that the carrier will be creating over 1,000 new jobs this year, but none of them will be based in Ireland. The airline will be hiring sales/marketing staff, engineers, cabin crew and pilots while it expands its fleet from 270 to 305 planes. The recruitment will focus on staff from the UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

Despite the fleet expansion, the company warns that it will continue cutting jobs, traffic and flights from its operations in Ireland while travel tax stays in place and the current levels of fees are maintained at airports owned by the government. Ryanair head of communications Stephen McNamara says that the carrier has quickly grown to become the number one airline in the UK, Spain, Italy and several other nations in the EU. However, they continue reducing job numbers, traffic and flights in Ireland, where the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) monopoly is uncompetitive.

McNamara went on to say that the new Irish government, sadly, continues following its predecessor’s failed policy by supporting the monopoly of high and increasing airport fees from the DAA. Even Aer Lingus says the fees at Dublin Airport are “insane”. Additionally, the tourist tax has seen traffic at three of these airports drop from 30 million passengers in 2007 to only 22 million last year. Ryanair believes Ireland can return to a strong growth in jobs, traffic and tourism; but the new government has to deliver on promises to axe the tourist tax, reduce high airport fees to more competitive prices, and end the failed policy of protecting the DAA airport monopoly.

However, the DAA says that its airport charges are highly competitive compared to other European airports. Refuting the issue, a spokesman said that the authority’s proposed passenger charge for this year is 17% below the average €12.50 passenger fee levied in 2009 by comparable European airports like Gatwick, Stansted, Brussels, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Zurich, Munich, Vienna, and Oslo (2009 is the most recent year that figures are available for).

The DAA spokesman continued that many independent studies of airport charges in Europe have also consistently confirmed that the charges at Dublin Airport are low. The RDC European Airport Charges Monitor said in 2010 that the lowest passenger fees can be found at airports in Dublin, Cologne and Spain. Jacobs Consultancy said the same year that Dublin’s passenger charges are at the “lower end of the spectrum” in comparison to other European airports. It was also pointed out by the DAA that traffic at its three airports in Ireland has increased 27% since 2000, even though there has been a decline between 2008 and 2010 due to the recession.




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