Ryanair Uses Travel Agents to Sell Tickets for the First Time in a Decade

Ryanair PlaneThe travel industry continues to have its ups and downs. Some airlines are bouncing back, while others are still battling to get back to their former glory. The number of people travelling is slowly increasing, which is good for the industry as a whole. Unfortunately, business travellers are starting to travel with full service airlines again. This is bad news for low-cost airlines that have come to rely on their business. One airline that this has affected is Ryanair.

According to Ryanair, it is going to start selling its flights via travel agents. This is a big deal because it is the first time in nearly a decade that the carrier has done such a thing. This is the airline’s attempt to increase its business passenger numbers. This new plan also came with the announcement that Ryanair is signing a deal with Travelport, a global distribution service.

Until now, travel agents were only allowed to book flights with Ryanair on the airline’s website. This means that travel agents were getting the same deals that passengers could book themselves. Now, Ryanair flights will appear alongside other airlines for travel agents that are using Travelport. Currently, Travelport holds around one-third of the European market, so this is an extremely effective move for Ryanair.

The chief marketing officer for Ryanair, Kenny Jacobs, said that he is extremely confident that this new move will result in more business travellers using the airline. In fact, Ryanair believes that this move is going to nearly double the amount of business travellers that use Ryanair over the next two years. Around 19 million people travel every year for work-related reasons. As a result, business travellers make up around 20 percent of Ryanair’s passenger total.

Ryanair also said that it will try to attract more business passengers by revealing premium fares. These new fares will be released later this year and will cater to business travellers. They will come with the ability for business travellers to change their flights if they need to and have fast tracking in airports.

Kurt Ekert, the chief commercial officer for Travelport, said that Ryanair is giving agents access to its bookings. By doing this, it has created a very compelling reason for business travellers to fly with Ryanair. This is a reason that simply was not there before.

In other Ryanair news, Kenny Jacobs was just recently appointed to replace Michael O’Leary as the public face of Ryanair. This decision was made to prove that Ryanair is evolving. Of course, Ryanair is not the only company that is looking to broaden its appeal. Other companies such as H&M, Skoda and Aldi have done the same. These companies want to have a strong presence in their respective markets. They want to ensure that once the economy is back to its former glory, they will find themselves in good standing and with a new public image.



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