Ryanair Wants to Make Ordering Tickets on Its Website Easier, Like easyJet

Ryanair Plane on TarmacWhen it comes to ordering tickets online, Ryanair is far from the easiest. It is not that the process is that much worse, but other airline websites make the process just so much simpler. This is something that Ryanair has noticed, and they admit that they want to change.

According to a new announcement by the Irish airline, it wants to make ordering tickets on its website easier. It will do this by making changes to its website and offering a tie-in with different travel agents. This change will take affect later this week.

Of course, this is not an idea that Ryanair came up with by itself, and it did not try to hide that fact. The airline said that it is doing this because it is a process that has worked out very well for its biggest rival easyJet. It is only natural for Ryanair to follow suit.

This announcement was made by the chief executive of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, at an airline industry conference earlier this week. He said that they know that it is easy to book flights on rival sites like easyJet. Now that his airline knows this, they are making the changes so that their consumers can book flights easier too.

O’Leary added that easyJet’s website has done much better. This is all thanks to how easy it is to book flights. It makes the booking process top priority. Now Ryanair wants to do the same thing. The Ryanair website has to stop making things so difficult. It is simply killing sales.

All of this is being done in a bid to help stop other airlines from stealing consumers from the Ryanair website. Ryanair is even thinking about selling some of its airline tickets via online travel agents. Doing this means that Ryanair will be able to extend its offering to corporate consumers.

It is important to remember that this new change is going to mean that the airline’s policy is going to need to change. It would be wise to read Ryanair’s new privacy policy before booking with the airline. Although the policy is likely similar to other airlines, it is always smart to make note of any changes.

The airline industry in the UK is starting to bounce back. This is a great thing, but there are still not enough consumers to go around. This means that airlines really have to fight for every consumer that they get. In order not to scare off any consumers, airlines have to make their booking processes as simple as possible. Any little problem could mean that the consumer books with a different airline.

Until the industry is back to its former glory, expect to see airlines continue to fight for their consumers. They are able to fill up planes now, which used to be impossible during the recession, but filling a plane is still not easy. It takes a lot of good deals and hard work.



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