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Salaries for Workers in the Travel Industry Increase

Plane FlyingThe travel industry has been on an upward track for a while now. This is evident in the increase in wages that workers in the industry have been receiving. According to Chisholm and Moore Executive Recruitment and C&M Recruitment Consultancy, wages for travel workers have increased for the third month in a row.

This information was released in C&M Recruitment Consultancy’s Travel Salary Index. This report, which keeps up with increases in wages in the travel industry, shows that workers are receiving an increase of around £3 per pay period compared to February. Although this increase is very small, C&M Recruitment Consultancy says that this boosts earnings to the highest point since in August 2013. Either way, earnings are still down a lot compared to the same three months in 2013.

The sales director for C&M Recruitment, Barabara Kolosinska, said that the salaries for jobs in the travel industry are consistently rising every month. At least, this has been the trend so far in 2014. This is great news for everyone who is part of the travel industry or people who are looking to join it in the near future. As more and more people start to go on holidays, wages are likely to continue to bounce back. At this rate, it will eventually pass its 2013 peak and maybe even continue to grow past that.

Of course, the report released by C&M Recruitment is only as accurate as the number of people that it has registered with it. That being said, C&M Recruitment has made it clear that the number of workers who are registering with it has been on the raise. This puts this research company at its highest level of candidates since October 2013.

Kolosinska added that, as well as the nice increase in candidate registrations, the company has also seen a very large increase in the number of companies in the travel industry who are taking on new staff members. This is thanks, in part, to the huge boost that has been seen in the business travel market. Thanks to salaries and the number of different opportunities that have become available in recent months, it is a very appealing time for people to re-enter the travel recruitment marketplace.

The business travel market fell apart during the global economic downturn. It has taken companies a long time to bounce back and start sending employees on business trips again. Some companies are sticking with the fact that they can save more money by not sending employees on trips.

The travel industry thrives on business travellers to keep it going. This is particularly true during the months when they do not receive a lot of business from leisure travellers. Without business travellers, the whole travel market would collapse. That is why the travel industry as a whole works to make sure that business travellers are happy.



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