Scoot Airline Lets Passengers Fly in Silence

Scoot planeWhen flying on a plane, silence is gold. Due to this, most people agree that flying with noisy kids is the worst thing that can happen to you when you are on a plane. Well-known Singapore-based Scoot wants to make this problem a thing of the past. The airline has done this by upgrading its planes to include a ScootinSilence cabin. This area of the plane is made up of 41 seats where kids under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit.

People who fly in this section of the plane will enjoy more than just a child-free zone. They will also have access to more legroom than the rest of the plane. This is due to the fact that the seats here have a 35-inch pitch. This provides around 4 more inches than the rest of the seats in economy class.

Although Scoot Airlines has just announced these child-free zones on its planes, it is not the only carrier that offers this. In fact, these child-free zones seem to be a growing trend among airlines as of late. Carriers started adding these zones after the number one complaint from passengers was noisy kids. Although it is impossible to keep sound from travelling if a kid does get noisy in another area of the plane, sitting in the child-free zone does ensure that the child will not be sitting in that area.

Back in February of this year, Air Asia X launched its own quiet zone. This zone is available on select flights and also keeps kids age 12 and under from sitting in certain seats on the plane. For Air Asia X, these quite zones can be found on flights from Nepal, Korea, Australia, Japan, China and Taiwan.

Although the child-free zones on Air Asia X planes do not come with more legroom, they do have other benefits. For example, these areas of the planes have special lighting that is designed to give passengers a much more relaxing feel.

The list of airlines that ban kids from sitting in certain sections does not stop there. Malaysian Airlines also bans kids form sitting in certain areas of the plane. However, the airline has also banned all infants from sitting in the first-class cabin. This happened after several businessmen complained about the noise of crying babies while they were trying to work.

Flying with kids is already hard enough. This goes double if that person is flying with a baby. The change in air pressure causes kids’ ears to pop, and the build-up of pressure usually makes babies cry. At this point, there is very little that parents can do to fix this problem.

Either way, where kids should be able to sit on planes has become a big topic. “Top Gear” presenter Jeremy Clarkson just recently got a strong reaction from people on Twitter after he said that children should be forced to ride in the bottom of the plane with the luggage. This upset a number of people, but amazingly, a number of people also agreed with him.



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