Scream Franchise Lives on With the Release of Scream 4

Shot from Scream FilmPeople more than likely remember the Scream movies. This was a popular horror franchise that saw three installments made. However, by the end of Scream 3, a lot of people were getting pretty tired of the series. Most said that the movies were tired and played out. However, years later, it seems that Scream 4 was finally able to make it to the big screen.

Some are saying that Scream 4 was able to do what Scream 3 was not able to do. It was able to continue the franchise but in a fresh way. Instead of it feeling like a retelling of the same story, the movie was able to do what it did best, and that was create an uneasy atmosphere.

People who have seen the movie say that Scream 4 seems like an apology to fans for Scream 3 “sucking.” In fact, fans who have seen Scream 4 say that people will not want to miss the opening of the movie, where the prologue actually, in a way, says sorry for the past installment in the series.

Now what makes Scream 4 so great is that it picks up where the series left off. The ghost-faced killer is still going after his prime target, Sidney Prescott. Luckily for the movie, they were able to get Neve Campbell to come back into the movie. Also making a return to the movie is Gale Weathers, played by Courteney Cox, and Sheriff Dewey, who is still played by David Arquette.

Well it’s one thing to have a movie come back to life after being in a deep sleep, but it’s another thing altogether if the movie does not sell. Well the good news here is that Scream 4 has been doing great. Recent reports show that Scream 4 was able to top the UK box office on its opening weekend. The horror sequel actually opened up in theatres on Friday, April 15.

The movie in the United States had very little impact on box office numbers. Some blame this on a lack of advertising. Others say that people in the United States remember how bad the third installment of the movie was and just chose to skip out on this one rather than waste their money on another possibly bad film. However, in the UK it was able to pull in £2,061,855. The closest movie to these sales was Rio, which brought in only £1,695,927.

Other movies in the box office over the weekend did not fair as well. Here is a run down of the rest of the top ten movies at the British box office:

3. Your Highness – £926,338

4. Red Riding Hood – £842,398

5. Hop – £788,809

6. Source Code – £674,202

7. Limitless – £603,963

8. Winnie The Pooh – £159,369

9. Sucker Punch – £144,612

10. Little White Lies – £125,273



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