Security Guard at a Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh Rapes British Holidaymaker

Sharm el Sheikh beachOne of travellers’ biggest fears when they travel overseas is that they may be taken advantage of. This is why it is always better to travel overseas in groups or at least with another person. However, business travellers do not always get that luxury. Many times, men and women are forced to travel alone to other areas of the world. Recently a British businesswoman in her 40s who was travelling to Egypt was taken advantage of in her own hotel room by a security guard.

The businesswoman was staying at a five-star hotel in Sharm el Sheikh. According to reports, the security guard was escorting the woman, who travelled alone, back to her hotel room. Once they reached her room and she opened the door, he pushed her inside and brutally assaulted her.

After the alleged assault, the woman received emergency help from the British Consulate located at the Red Sea resort. This rape comes just after the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned travellers about the huge increase in sexual assault cases in Egypt against British travellers.

This increase in rape cases is not just for British travellers but for travellers from all over the world that are travelling to Egypt. It has been on the rise ever since the Arab uprising started in 2011. Now women who travel to Egypt alone or in groups find themselves targeted by Egyptian men, many of whom are in power. Videos have been circulating the Internet of women who have been stuck in crowds of men and molested while onlookers do nothing.

After the alleged assault, the woman was flown back to Britain. The Hampshire Police Department is heading up the investigation. So far, she has been interviewed by different detectives to get the full story. Unfortunately, she may have to go back to Egypt to help finish this investigation. She is currently recovering in her own home with close relatives.

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that the agency is aware of a new incident involving a British woman that took place in Egypt. Right now the agency is providing her with assistance. The website for this office is and will continue to warn British travellers about the increase in crimes in Egypt.

The spokesperson went on to say, the increase in sexual assaults has increased a lot since early 2011. It looks as if these sexual assaults on British nationals show no sign of stopping. In just 2012 alone, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office handled at least 23 cases of sexual assault. At least six of these cases were rape. Unfortunately, some of these sexual assaults were against minors, so British nationals of any age are being targeted. A lot of these cases seem to be taking place in hotels, which is a place that most travellers feel safe when they travel overseas.



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