Sega Causes Fan-made Streets of Rage Remake to be Removed

Sega LogoNot too long ago, a very cool game called Streets of Range Remake was released. This game was free for the public to use, and it brought back to life one of the most classic Sega series of all time, Streets of Rage.

However, people should not start looking for this remake now. That is because it did not take Sega too long to have the game removed from the internet. This game, which took some eight years to make, only took Sega a matter of days to take down.

Sega had this remake, which did feature all of the games from the original trilogy into one package, taken off the internet, because they said that the remade game was in violation of their brand. For those that do not remember, the Streets of Rage games came out back from 1991 through 1994. It turned out to be one of Sega’s more successful franchises.

So leave it up to Sega fans to make a better remake than what Sega could put out. That’s right, this game did not just include all of the original content, but it revamped a lot of the game’s features. This included recreated characters, levels and even improved graphics. The makers of the game even remixed soundtracks and added some extra features that were not in the original games.

This game finally became available for people to buy on April 3. However, Sega had it pulled by April 13.

So what did Sega have to say about the remake? The company said that Sega is very committed to supporting its fans. They are happy to see that fans take such a big interest in their games. When it is possible, they like to get fans involved in things like development and beta testing.

The company went on to say, however, that they have to protect their intellectual property rights. At times, this means requesting that fans take down videos, games or even images in some instances.

So this brings up the question, why does Sega even care that these fans made a remake to the game? Mostly because Sega is still trying to make money off this franchise. Just like a lot of other video game companies out there, they like to bring back old titles from time to time for classic gamers. Currently people can still buy the Streets of Rage games. One example of this is on Sega’s Ultimate collection for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. the games are also available for download on the Nintendo Shop Channel.

However, not all gamers were happy that Sega pulled the game. In fact, some gamers online have already been saying that it seems impossible for Sega to be able to sell a game that fans can make better for free.



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