Sega is the Next Gaming Company to be Hit by Hackers

Sega & SonicIt seems that tons of gaming companies have recently been under attack by hackers. The first big hit was taken by Sony after its PlayStation Network got hacked. Just as Sony has finally picked up the pieces of its mistake, Sega finds itself in the same boat.

Of course, Sega’s hit was not as bad as Sony’s. Either way, Sega, which is well-known for bringing Sonic the Hedgehog to the world, has seen its Sega Pass network hit. The company has already alerted its members that hackers have been able to obtain their personal information.

The gaming company sent out an email that warned people how their site had been hacked. In the email they told people the hackers now have their email address, dates of birth and, of course, their encrypted passwords. That being said, Sega also noted that the hackers did not get any financial information from anyone.

Due to this recent hacking, the Sega Pass network was taken offline this past Thursday. All users have had their passwords reset to try and protect their accounts. For now, Sega is advising consumers to be on the lookout for suspicious emails asking for any kind of personal information. Now that these hackers have their email addresses, they may send users phishing emails.

Although this is more bad news for the gaming industry, it is nowhere near as bad as when Sony was hit back in April. The electronic giant said that some 77 million users from its PlayStation Network had their information compromised by hackers. This security breach caused a lot of people to lose their faith in Sony and even caused some people to trade-in their PlayStation 3 systems.

Overall, this security breach could mean great things for Microsoft and Nintendo. After Sony got hacked, it put it at a big disadvantage against its competitors. On top of that, the Kinect for the Xbox is selling way better than the PlayStation Move controller. Also, Nintendo has the Wii U on the way, which is said to be more powerful than the PlayStation 3, according to game developers.

The thing to note for now is that the hacking group that finally did claim responsibility for the Sony attack, LulzSec, has came forward and denied having anything to do with the Sega breach. In fact, the hacking group went on to Tweet to Sega that they want to help the company destroy the hackers that attacked them.

On Sega’s website, the company simply said that Sega Pass is currently going through some improvements. Thus, it is currently not available for new members to join. It is also not possible for existing members to modify their details or reset their passwords at this time. Hopefully this is a problem that can be worked out quickly so that Sega Pass can get back up and running.



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