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Singapore Labelled the Best Place to Visit in 2015

Lonely Planet logoLonely Planet has put out its list for the best places to visit in 2015. At the top of the list is Singapore, which is followed by Namibia and Lithuania. According to Lonely Planet, this list was put together using a lot of different criteria, including special events in 2015, weather and recent developments in the country. Since recent developments were taken into account, smaller countries were given a fair opportunity to make it on this list so that it would not be dominated only by well-known travel destinations.

The other countries in the top 10 of this list include Nicaragua, Ireland, Republic of Congo, Serbia, The Philippines, St. Luica and Morocco respectively. Last year’s winner, Brazil, didn’t even make the list. This just showed how much weight the World Cup pulled for Brazil last year. Expect to see Brazil back on the list in 2016, when they host the Olympic Games.

So why did Singapore come out on top? According to Lonely Planet, Singapore is one of the most scenic cities in all of Asia. It is also filled to the brim with culture and very diverse groups. It has unique and delicious cuisine that should not be missed and a very rich history. Its very long fight for independence has help give it a very strong sense of national identity. It is like no other place on the planet and a must see in 2015.

Despite the Ebola scare in West Africa, Namibia was able to make NO. 2 on the list. This is a very young African country, but that is part of the charm. It is still full of natural beauty and a number of wild animals. This country gives people a chance to see animals that they normally only see on TV. There also many national and local festivals happening throughout 2015. The scare of Ebola in Africa is great, but Lonely Planet doesn’t believe that should be a reason to keep people from travelling to Namibia in 2015.

As far as Lithuania is concerned, the country has done well since it has embraced democracy. This is something that Lithuania has been working on ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. Some of the places on the list made it because of their stunning scenery, including Ireland. Of course, Ireland did not just make the list because of its great environment. It also made the list thanks to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and traditional customs. Overall, Ireland has been described as a welcoming and very friendly place, which was more than enough to get it on the list.



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