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Sixty one year old woman gives birth to grandson

It was not an easy decision, but about 39 weeks ago, Kristine Casey said “yes” and launched a rare trip to help her daughter become a mother. Casey, 61, agreed to become a surrogate mother for her daughter, Sara Connell, after the girl had unsuccessfully tried becoming a mother for years.
Casey reached her goal last Friday when she gave birth to her own grandchild, becoming the oldest woman in Illinois to lend her womb. Connell and her husband, Bill, are the biological parents of the child, Lee Connell Finnan. However, through invitro fertilization, it was Casey who bore her womb for nine months and gave life to Lee.
Connell held her mother’s hand during childbirth, while she and her husband both prayed and wept while the caesarean section was performed. Connell said that when she heard the child crying at birth, she was overwhelmed by emotion. Dr. Susan Gerber, an obstetrician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital said the emotional context of this birth was very deep.
The Connells decided to become parents in 2004, but Sara, now 35, discovered she did not ovulate. After undergoing treatment for infertility at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Evanston, she gave birth to twins, but they died. In a second attempt to become a mother, Sara had a miscarriage. It was then that they considered asking Casey to serve as a surrogate womb, and although the risks during pregnancy for a woman of 61 years are many, the family decided to take them.



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