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Skyscanner Gives People a Glimpse of What Future Travel May Be Like

Space TravelEver wonder what travel may be like in the future? Flight comparison website Skyscanner has. In fact, it is offering people a slight glimpse into what holiday travel may be like in the year 2024 in a new report: Future of Travel. Although it’s only 10 years away, how much is travel going to change?

According to the report, within 10 years people won’t have to talk to other humans when they travel. This includes the whole check-in process. Instead of having to rely on others to make holidays grand, each hotel room will be filled with interactive digital technology that caters to guests’ every need. This includes pillows in the guest rooms that have electronic devices to massage people’s necks or pillows that can wake guests up in the morning.

The walls of these rooms will be filled with high definition images. People can change these pictures to images of their family or friends. People who wish to have a personal trainer will have a hologram trainer displayed right in the comfort of their own room. Showers will have technology that tells people when their bodies are clean, which will be set up on a traffic light-like system. People will never have to worry about not being clean again.

The future is also likely to include space travel. It is an idea that is already being toyed around with, and within 10 years it may be more acceptable to people of all income levels. By this, Skyscanner means it’s something that could become relatively affordable, in the $75,000 range. They also believe that it’s just a number of years before the moon is turned into some kind of space colony — maybe a lunar hotel for people to explore and stay the night in outer space.

However, before people start travelling to the moon, there is another type of holiday that some believe will become popular, and that is underwater experiences. Some companies have expressed an interest in creating underwater hotels. One such planned hotel has been named the Poseidon Underwater Resort in Fiji. This hotel will be completely built underwater. Rooms will have huge windows in which people can look out into the ocean.

Gareth William, the CEO of Skyscanner, said that he believes underwater holidays will be more popular than space ones. First of all, it will cost less for the whole trip. Second, there is no training needed, unlike space holidays. Last but not least, there is simply more to see underwater than there is in outer space, or at least the areas of space that people will be travelling to.



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