Slow British Drivers are Most Irritating, Increase Risk of Accident

Frustrated Face with Snail and Turtle Cartoons

According to new research from, slow drivers cause the most irritation to other drivers, which results in the other motorists taking a bigger risk to overtake. In turn, this increases the risk that there is an accident.

The study shows that drivers who take their time on the road are the biggest cause of frustration for British motorists. reports that 60% of drivers experience a rise in stress and irritability when another motorist is driving slower than everyone else on the road. Because of the slower drivers, nearly 50% of motorists risk overtaking, which increases the risk of an accident.

There is something to this research, as Department for Transport (DfT) records indicate that more than 140 accidents are caused every year due to snail speed drivers. Additionally, almost one-third of drivers have had a near miss or incident due to slow speeders.

This may all change, however, as the government has introduced a scheme this year that will allow police to issue on-the-spot fines of £100 for people who are driving carelessly, which includes driving too slow. Meanwhile, there are some people who are pushing for slow speed cameras to be introduced so that slow drivers will be fined for driving at speeds under the designated speed limit. There have also been other suggestions for how to deal with sluggish drivers, including the introduction of a minimum speed limit for every British road; designating times that slower drivers can be on the roads; making slow lanes; and introducing warning badges to be displayed on the drivers’ vehicles if they travel at too low speeds. head of car insurance Gareth Kloet said that they support introducing a scheme of measures that will eliminate the hazard of slow drivers, as their research has highlighted that driving too slow really is a problem. The government has introduced speed cameras, and they believe a super speed camera should consider the same rigour to combat drivers who are going to slow. This could make a difference, he added, and help reduce the number of motorists who put themselves and others at risk when they get frustrated by slower motorists.

Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) chief examiner Peter Rodger says that he supports changes on UK roads. All forms of inconsiderate driving should be dealt with, he added, as motorists who are driving excessively slow for no reason lead others to take rash action.

There are several names that people have come up to describe slow drivers – like Turtle Chaser – but this problem isn’t only seen in the UK. Slow motorists are everywhere, really. On 2-lane (or more) highways and interstates in the US, it’s a general courtesy to other drivers for slower motorists to drive in the right lane. However, this isn’t a law, so there are still many slow drivers who pose a threat to others.



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