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Snow showers expected to continue into Tuesday

Person with Umbrella Fighting Wind and SnowThe UK just cannot seem to get a break from the cold weather blues. In fact, the snow showers that people saw on Monday are expected to carry on throughout the night and into Tuesday morning. Some of the areas in northern England are even expected to see a decent covering of snow as temperatures continue to remain low.

These reports were brought to light by Steve Cleaton, who is a BBC weather forecaster. Of course, Steve did say that this snow is likely going to ease up some during the night. So hopefully there won’t be too much snow for people to deal with on Tuesday.

The real problem that travellers have to deal with is not the snow, but the patches of ice that are forming on the roadways. In many parts of the UK, drivers have to deal with black ice, which is making driving conditions extremely difficult. Authorities are urging drivers to be careful and avoid driving if they don’t have to.

If the forecast is correct, areas in south-east England will get about 2cm to 5cm of snowfall. The most affected areas are likely going to be Kent and Sussex. Thus, people in these areas need to plan ahead. If they are going to drive in these conditions, they need to leave earlier than usual to reach their destination to ensure they can take their time.

To make matters worse, the snow is unlikely to melt, as temperatures will remain close to freezing even during the day on Tuesday. In some places, like Scotland, they can expect to see temperatures of around -10˚C. What little bit of ice and snow does melt from traffic on the roads will likely refreeze Tuesday night to cause problems again on Wednesday morning.

Authorities are urging holidaymakers, who may not know the area as well as locals, to map out there journeys before they leave their hotels. Trying to listen to a GPS or read a map while dealing with ice can only lead to more problems on the roadway.

Holidaymakers who are renting cars should take out insurance on their rentals. This way they are protected from accidents that may be caused by icy conditions on the road. Be sure to ask the car rental provider what the insurance covers.

Either way, the best course of action is to stay off the roads as much as possible. Although some people have to get to work, the people who don’t should stay off the road so they are not adding to the chaos that is likely to follow.

It’s also important to know that the BBC has also forecasted that the blizzard taking place across the Channel Islands is likely to continue into Tuesday morning. Blizzard can be extremely dangerous and people should avoid traveling at all costs.

In the end, all of this extra snowfall is likely to result in a brand new snowfall record for the month of March for Jersey. The previous record for Jersey was 9cm, which was set back in 1962. This helps give just a little perspective to people who are not experiencing the snow first-hand.



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