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Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter are Causing an Identity Crisis

Facebook & Twitter LogosIt is no secret that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are all the rage right now. No one could have predicted just how popular these sites would be. The good news is that there is no harm in using these sites, right? Well, not according to some experts. In fact, some are saying that these social networking sites are now causing more problems than what they are solving, as more and more people become addicted to the sites.

For many people, these social networking sites have become a very important part of their everyday lives. For some people, it may have become too important. In fact, Baroness Greenfield, who is a professor of Pharmacology, is concerned that these sites are having a very negative impact on people. She said that people are focusing on developing internet friendships. Not only that, but the constant feedback that they are receiving on these sites may actually start to “rewire” the brain. For example, people want to experience instant gratification from things. Not only that, but it is also reducing their ability to concentrate for long periods of time. As people can guess, this is going to cause a number of problems for kids in school.

Baroness Greenfield went on to say that this constant exchange of information on Twitter is really becoming a problem. She went on to mock the site by asking, Why should anyone care what someone else ate for breakfast? In fact, she said that a lot of things people post on Twitter remind her of a small child. The person is saying, “Look at me mummy, look what I am doing.” They continue on like this, posting every little thing that they are doing as if to get approval for it all. Overall, it is as if these people are going through some kind of identity crisis. These sites are putting their brains in some kind of weird “time warp.” What makes it worse is that most people who are using the sites do not even notice it. They are so wrapped up in posting what they are doing, and reading what their friends are doing, that they do not even see the problem.

Of course, Facebook is not guilty-free either. Baroness Greenfield pointed out that many people on Facebook are trying so hard to become mini celebrities that they do things in their normal lives that they would normally not do. The professional realm is calling this “Facebook worthy tasks,” meaning that people do things that they think will be viewed highly on Facebook. Thus, these people’s online lives are actually affecting their “real lives.”

One of the biggest problems that experts are seeing is that people tend to care more about what other people think of them than what they think of themselves. People are losing who they are and becoming what they think everyone wants them to be.



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