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Some Fans Miss Match Between Chelsea and Manchester United Due to Travel Chaos

Virgin Trains TrainThere were thousands of football fans planning to travel from London to Old Trafford to see the match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Unfortunately, not everyone made it because of travel chaos. The biggest delays were at London Euston. It was here that many trains were either cancelled or delayed. Fans then had to travel via Sheffield after they learned that a train became damaged and stuck in Watford tunnel at around 7 a.m.

Although fans were having trouble reaching the game, officials decided not to delay the kick-off, which started at 4 p.m. This upset many fans who said that they were not able to get to the game on time to see the start. Others said that they ended up not making it to the game at all. The train station lines eventually reopened from London to Manchester Piccadilly, but they still suffered from heavy delays. Many fans had left the station to look for alternative ways to reach the game.

The train operator on that line, Virgin Trains, said that it was able to reopen the route. Despite this, its schedule suffered from delays for the rest of the day. Virgin apologized to all of the fans who were late to kick-off and to those fans who missed the game altogether.

The delay was even talked about on Twitter by comedian and actor Omid Djalili. He said that there was no way to get to Old Trafford as of 12:37 p.m. from Euston. The trains have all been cancelled. It is too late to drive, it looks like hundreds of people are waiting and hoping that the trains start running again.

Others on Twitter wrote that some Chelsea fans were just starting to arrive in Manchester. This late arrival was more than likely because of the train delays. They missed a good start to the game. Even the people who tried to travel to Euston from Sheffield did not reach the game until after 4 p.m. if they did not make it on a train by 11:30 a.m. This was a heartbreaker for football fans.

Bertie Baker-Smith, who was identified as a Chelsea fan, said that the whole experience has been an absolute nightmare from the get-go. He said that they were just able to make it into Manchester. He was lucky enough to get an early start, so he was able to make it to Manchester four hours before kick-off. Despite all of this, he said that he is one of the lucky ones.



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