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Sony Announces Price Cuts for the PSP But Not for the UK

PSP PhotoGreat news for anyone that still wants to get a PSP. Due to the fact that Sony will soon be putting out a new portable system, the company has already did a nice price cut to its current hand held, meaning that people across the world will be able to enjoy this great price cut. Unless, of course, those people live in the UK.

That is right, places like Europe and America are going to see big price cuts on the PSP. In fact, some of these price cuts could be as much as 24 percent. That being said, there is one country in Europe that won’t get the price cut, and that is the UK. The price there is going to remain completely unchanged.

So how big of a price drop is it. Well currently people in Europe can get their hands on a PSP for just 130 euros. This is down from the 180 euros that it use to cost to get one of these hand helds. However, in the UK, the price remains at 130 pounds. This makes it cost about 13 percent more in the UK than it does in other places in Europe.

Alright, so this just begs the question: Why has the UK been left out of this nice price drop? To this, Sony said that the European price cut was only made possible thanks to some very favorable changes in the exchange rate. This is, of course, comparing the change rate between the Euro and the Yen. Sony then said that, due to the fact that the UK is vulnerable to two exchange rate calculations, the company is not currently in a position to offer a similar cut to the PSP in the UK.

This price cut to the PSP in Europe comes just after Sony lowered the price of the PSP in the United States. In fact, in the States the PSP is currently at $129. If that is converted over into pounds, it’s the same as about 87 pounds at the time of this writing. Overall, this means that gamers in the UK are simply getting the cold shoulder by Sony.

Now Sony runs the risk of cutting off even more gamers. This goes double since the company just recently announced that the whole world would not be seeing a roll out of its NGP. Due to the problems that Japan has seen over the past month, the company has seen production affected, meaning that only certain areas will be getting the NGP this year. This could really hurt Sony’s sales since the system won’t be hitting some areas in time for the holiday season.

This is, however, great news for Nintendo. Their 3DS already has a pretty big user base. Come the holiday season, there will be tons of first party 3DS games out, and people are going to be looking all over the place to get their hands on one of these systems. Without having to compete against the NGP, Nintendo will steal the show again this year and remain number one in the hand held market.



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