Sony Drops Features on NGP to Stay Competitive with 3DS

Nintendo 3DS and Sony NGPWhen the 3DS first came out, there were a number of people who were upset with the price tag of the system. They were upset with the pricing despite the fact that it could play 3D without glasses, came with a 2 GB SD card, charging dock and, just overall, had better graphics than any other DS that has ever been released. Despite this, people were a little unsure about the $250 price tag. Apparently this got Sony thinking that people were not going to be happy with their NGP price tag.

So what does Sony do to fix this? Well apparently they start cutting out some of the features in order to get it closer to the price of the 3DS. Despite this, Sony has admitted that even after cutting out some of these features, the system is still going to be over $250. However, the real question that people want to know is just how much over $250 is it going to be? If it hits $300, are people going to be willing to pay that much for a hand-held when they were unsure about a $250 price tag?

According to media sources, Sony is going to try and close the gap between its NGP price and the 3DS price by opting for “lower spec components.” Instead of trying to use the best of the best, they are going to choose lower spec pieces for the hand-held.

One of the most notable drops was the 16GB of internal memory the NGP was supposed to have. Now, much like the 3DS, it is going to use SD cards to make up for its lack of a lot of internal storage. Oddly enough, the low amount of internal storage was one of the top things that Sony fan boys used to make fun of the 3DS. Now the new NGP is going to suffer the same problem. However, the chances of the NGP being packaged with any kind of SD card is slim.

Overall, this is the second bad news that has been released about the NGP recently. Just a few months ago, it was revealed that the NGP would not be hitting stateside until next year – mostly due to the earthquake that took place in Japan. This caused production delays.

This is great news for Nintendo whose 3DS has had kind of slow start. Now the system will have the rest of the year to continue growing its user base. Experts have been saying that this will not be hard for Nintendo to do after some big first party games come out. In fact, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D comes out just next month. It is expected to be a system seller.

Of course, the NGP is not the only thing that is getting some features taken away. As some have already guessed, Sony is working on its next PlayStation. It will still be a long time before the PS4 comes out, but when it does it will not have all the features that it was expected to have. According to reports Sony is going to “tighten its purse strings” on the PS4 as well.



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