Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Showing Very Disappointing Game Sales

Sony Ericsson Xperia PlaySony has been doing a lot of things recently to try and stay a big name in the gaming industry. However, it seems that Sony has been missing on a lot of levels recently. Although there are still a lot of loyal Sony fans out there, the truth of the matter is that Sony sales are down. In fact, there has been a large increase in the amount of people turning in their PS3s. However, it appears that the Sony Ericsson Xiperia Play is not doing much better.

One of the key selling points of the Xperia Play is the fact that it can play old PS1 games. Now this is all well and good, but new reports show that these old games just are not selling. In fact, sales are a lot lower than what most had expected.

Right now the only device that can play these PS1 games is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. However, it has been more than a month since it launched, and Sony has only been able to sell a few thousand games. Some games that have been released have only sold a few hundred. One title on the list is only believed to have sold between 50 and 100 times.

Most of the games on the list have only sold between 100 to 500. One game, Destruction Derby, is believed to have possibly cleared 1,000. This is bad since all of these games are available through the Andriod Market, and they have a super low price tag of £3.99. Now that may sound expensive for an Android app, but it is a full game that people are downloading.

However, Sony Ericsson is downplaying this problem. In fact, the head of market development over at Sony Ericsson, Dominic Neil-Dwyer, said that there are no concerns. It is a revolutionary device, and it is going to shake-up the market. Right now the company is very pleased with it.

He then went on to say that, in terms, of getting PlayStation Certified games on it, they are very happy. The company is going to do a full assessment of the situation at a later date.

Hopefully Sony will have some good news on the way. Right now the company cannot handle much more bad news. With the PlayStation Network still being down and people returning their PS3s, it is not known how much longer Sony can hang in there.

The best thing for the company to do right now is to get the PlayStation Network back up and running. Then the company needs to focus on the release of its NGP and hope that it can gain some ground on Nintendo’s 3DS. By the time the NGP launches, the 3DS will have tons of first party games that people want to play like Zelda, Mario and even StarFox. It even has a lot of third-party support, which is unusual for a Nintendo system.



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