Space Hotel to Open in 2016

Model Photo of Space HotelA lot of people like to try new things when they go on holiday, and going into outer space will definitely be the most different. Believe it or not, this kind of travel isn’t as far as away as many would like to think. As a matter of fact, Russian company Orbital Technologies is planning to open the first hotel in space by 2016. The Commercial Space Station, which is what it’s officially called, will glide above Earth about 250 miles away.

The space hotel will be able to offer accommodations for up to seven people at the same time. Holidaymakers will have to take special training before they can take the trip up. Depending on the spacecraft they take up to the hotel, this training could last for up to three months. Orbital Technologies says that stays will be offered from three days to six months.

There is one slight glitch with going into space for a holiday, however. Tourists who like to venture around their destinations to see different things could become a little bored if they stay for too long. This is because, aside from watching television and surfing the internet, there won’t be much to do in the space hotel. There won’t be any alcohol, as this will be banned; and guests will have to clean themselves with wet wipes, as there aren’t going to be any showers.

Orbital Technologies chief executive Sergey Kostenko says that there will be internet access and the ability to communicate with people on the ground. Before the clients make their trip to the Commercial Space Station, they will choose menus for food, which will be prepared on the ground, dehydrated and then sent into space. He also hopes the space hotel can be a place for manned circumlunar flights to take a break. This way trips to the other side of the moon and back could become a day-trip.

Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft are set to be used to take workers and passengers to the Commercial Space Station. However, Orbital Technologies hasn’t ruled out the use of other manned spacecrafts developed in China, Europe and the United States. Meanwhile, the company hasn’t said anything about how much it will cost to stay a night in the space hotel. The firm also hasn’t confirmed if they have had any reservations made from customers yet, but they have noted that many parties are interested.

However, the Russian government hopes the project will bring in a lot of cash for its space exploration scheme. Federal Space Agency deputy head Vitaly Davydov says they regard the Commercial Space Station as a very interesting project. This will attract private investment for the nation’s space industry, he added.



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